healthy foodSo what does that mean exactly? For us that meant taking these steps…
1. completely rethinking the food we eat
2. avoiding all chemically processed foods
3. preparing and eating only real foods made from natural ingredients.

To begin with, we took the time to study and learn more about the food supply. We learned that commercially processed foods fall into 2 categories: real foods and chemically processed foods. Real food simply stated is food that is grown or gathered, cooked and eaten. Real foods may undergo some type of mechanical processing when prepared for the marketplace (ex. ground meats, shredded carrots, dried beans) but remain as single ingredient, natural products. This food is the fuel for our bodies, a complex biological mechanism built over thousands of years of evolution.

On the other hand, chemically processed foods are chemically altered; made from refined ingredients and artificial food additives such as flavors, flavor enhancers, binders, colors, fillers, preservatives, stabilizers, and emulsifiers. Institute for Vibrant Living. Our ever-growing food industry suggests that chemical manipulation of the food supply is necessary to meet the needs of today’s consumer by…
1. improving shelf life or storage time
2. making food convenient and easy to prepare
3. increasing the nutritional value
4. increasing the flavor of foods
5. enhancing the attractiveness of food products and improving consumer acceptance.Healthy Child
Sadly, the truth is that our bodies are simply not engineered to consume the hundreds of chemical additives found in the modern food supply. Scientific research indicates that these foods offer little nutritional value and are a leading cause of our nation’s declining health.

For us to become healthier, we decided to abandon all beliefs and buying behaviors associated with the modern food system. We stopped purchasing meals prepared by others, and we decided it was time to take ownership of everything we ate and become fully aware of every single ingredient we ingested making sure that each of those ingredients was real. Food Standards Australia’s chief scientist Dr. Paul Brent says: “a food additive is any substance that is not normally consumed as a food in itself and is not normally an ingredient, but which is allowed to be there if it fulfills a technological function in the final food.” ABC Health and Wellbeing. Alarmingly, even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves many of these additives, they are only tested in isolation for consumption of small amounts over short periods of time. Most food additives are never tested in combination with others, and the long-term effects of consuming a combination of different additives is currently unknown. Better Health Channel

Cancer, heart disease, neurological effects, respiratory disease, and obesity are just a few of the health concerns that have been linked to the consumption of food additives. It’s imperative that each of us give up chemically processed food products. It’s time to prepare meals at home using basic recipes with simple, natural ingredients. There are no shortcuts. We live in a world that makes it impossible to live completely free of chemicals. They are everywhere; in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and in the soil in which our food is grown. But we can begin to reclaim a clean environment by removing chemicals to the highest degree possible from the food we eat; taking an important step towards reclaiming our health.


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